We teach single day and weekend workshops in the U.S. and Internationally:


By arranging a workshop with us we will share with your group the fun, interesting, and challenging arts of Taiji and Tango.  In workshops we are able to come together as a group and explore the basic and advanced techniques of these arts, their common principles, and explore new ways of moving that are balanced and powerful.

1-day workshops


For a one day workshop (U.S. only) we craft a one day immersion of these arts for an exciting, informative, and empowering day.  Classes are all levels welcome, whether you have martial arts or dance backgrounds or not.  We will work with you at your level to connect to your body in new ways  whether you are exploring movement for the first time, or are an advanced practitioner of movement arts.


Classes are 6 hours, with two 3-hour session and a break in between.

The first 3 hour morning session develops upon Taiji principles of rooting, spiraling movement from your center, and touch sensitivity. 

The afternoon session folds Taiji concepts into the art of Argentine Tango, developing partner connection, full-body coordination, and rhythm.

Cost is $90 per person. (email about sliding scale)

2-day workshops



Our 2-day workshops give us a chance to explore these arts a lot more, with having the first day to warm up, and the second day to build on what we've learned. 


Our two day workshops are structured in a similar way as to the 1 day, with 2 sessions at 3 hours each.  We will begin the days with Taiji foundations, warming up the body, and moving around energy with full body awareness.  The afternoons we explore Tango with a solid Taiji foundation. 


Bring your friends for a fun weekend practicing martial arts and dance in a easy-to-learn class of all levels.

Cost is $150 per person for the weekend,

or $90 per person per day.  (email about sliding scale)

International 2-day workshops



We love to travel and meet people all over this planet, please email us if you would like to arrange a workshop outside of the U.S.  Arrange a group of enthusiastic friends to spend the weekend learning some new skills from Taiji and Tango. 


For international workshops we provide the same format class as described above under "2-day Workshops," with Taiji in the morning session and Taiji and Tango in the afternoon session.


Cost for the class varies depending on location, and is a case-by-case arrangement as we need to be able to cover our travel expenses and support ourselves.


Please email us to discuss arranging a workshop in your country!