Taiji and Tango: Peace in Motion


It is our story, and it is a fun, accessible guide for our generation.


Our book follows us on our 2014 3-month, cross-country and back again U.S. roadtrip spreading the message of Taiji and Tango.  Along the way, we practice these arts and provide lessons, reflect on what we have learned, and share tips we've found helpful for traveling together in partnership.  We travelled from Washington to New York, up to Maine, back to Washington, and then down to Southern California.  We saw how people are managing our current climate of modern times, how communities are thriving and collapsing, and found the thread of the human spirit throughout.


As a bonus, we also include an appendix which includes our reading list of book we love and find helpful, our tips on travel nutrition, and tips for domestic/international travel as a couple.


Please see our Indiegogo campaign to learn more and support our book completion by donating and spreading the word of peace in motion. 


Thank you and have a beautiful day, 


Ashley and Lao